Few if any commercials because that is what the monthly fee was for and there would be no need for commercials average joe dating show. You know, the ones you’re paying for as part of your cable subscription. However, we did Cut The Cable and revert to Digital antennae, Or Free TV, or Poor TV, as we call it LOL average joe dating show. They don’t see people they see $ sign Bruce March 14, 2015 at 19:06 pm, Reply That’s why the only way we watch TV is to DVR the shows and fast forward through the commercials. When respectable visit your local tattooist. Frank November 7, 2015 at 12:56 pm, Reply I looked this up and wrote this while waiting for some actual news on CNN. But I am finished paying for commercials. the episode airs for 36 minutes, but only NINE MINUTES were the show, the other TWENTY SEVEN MINUTES were commercials. The Jonas Brothers’ debut album, It s About Time (2006), was a commercial failure following a limited release. The group signed with Hollywood Records, and in 2007 released their eponymous second studio album. I too use comm breaks for household tasks. Then proceed to the bathroom and complete the three S’s, ending with a shower.

Aggravating, distracting and actually counterproductive. Now that Dish has taken it to a new level (automatically skipping commercials) I suppose our lazy fingers can still manually figure how to Fast Forward as we’ve been doing for 30+ years. That’s when I wash any dishes in the sink. If people like ads that much let them get a channel that plays nothing but ads. then zip through all the commercials later on. We are not getting the product, for which we’re paying for. What a shame that these greedy TV morons can’t fix the aggravating problem. They’ll ride that horse until it drops dead on them. Even sports broadcasts have become painful to me — I’d rather follow the score in an app and catch the highlights later. For profit, pro-corporate news will never deliver anything approaching the truth. but if you wait too long, you will miss the three minutes of actual air time, and be back to the next set of commercials. How many years of the rest of your life do you want to devote to advertisers.

NOW IS THE TIME TO MAKE YOURSELVES HEARD AS ONE UNITED VOICE. FEDUP July 30, 2015 at 18:06 pm, Reply Just watched E channel. Every time I see the POTUS, I expect it will the first time for there to be some trash corporate logo on the presidential lectern..
. How to really enjoy CNN as a male news junkie…. Not only is commercials outrageous but the volume goes up during the commercials. shows 15 mins of ads 10 mins of shpws and the ads are getting longer. Many times the “broadcasters” are presenting it in a way that helps them to persuade viewers. Now my rooms are clean, my laundry is ready to fold or hang during the next set of commercials. Tune in to CNN and imeadiatly set the pause button. It’s all a matter of scheduling your day. I will mute the TV & go do something else or program the “flashback” button to TCM, where I’m not subjected to mindless insurance, prescription drug and acne ads. .


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